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The BabyBoomer Token is An ERC20 token that is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

It can be traded for other crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and can eventually be converted to fiat currency like the US Dollar. The cryptocurrency space is mostly comprised of people who are 25-44 years of age. The main objective of the BabyBoomer token is to engage the 55+ population in the digital currency revolution. Often people in this age range are looked down upon in the work place and many are being let go to make room for younger employees. In the BabyBoomer token “Seniorsphere” we see an often-neglected group of people become invigorated as they immerse themselves in a digital currency revolution that is sure to give them a new lease on life. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “Youth is Wasted on the Young”. BobyBoomer Token creators Carl Allocco and John Beltzer are both in their 60’s and have been bitten by the crypto bug. For them, there is nothing more exciting than knowing that they are a part of a whole new paradigm that will eventually make conventional money obsolete. They would like to bring along as many of their peers that they possibly can into the Crytpo Seniorsphere!